Green tea locality

In japan,green tea is grown in  many places .
Especially,Sizuoka,Kagosima,Mie Kyoto,Saitama,etc…
It is cultivated in the 470000ha.


Sizuoka ,it is well-known tea producing district in Japan.
It has mount Fuji , that is registered the world Heritage.

Production of tea in Shizuoka Prefecture is accounted formore  one-third of Japan’s production volume.

Kagoshima ranks second in the production of green tea in japan.
It is a mild climate .
Mechanization and large-scale has progressed, because they have a lot of flat tea garden.


Mie is part of  Tōkai regions. (Sizuoka also).
Mie Prefecture stands first in the production of kabuse tea.
Mie has a lot of nature.
In west,there is suzuka mountains. In east there is Ise Bay and Pacific ocean.

There is my shop in Mie prefecture yokkaichi city .

Kabuse tea is grown in Yokkaichi city suizawa town.

We sale suizawa’s kabuse tea.

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