What’s me cha?

Me-cha is tea made by collecting fine-tip of buds and leaves that come out in the process of creating a Sencha or Gyokuro.

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What’s mean “Me”?

“Me” means buds in English.
It is a by-product, but it is made from the luxury tea, so quality is guaranteed.
Despite the low cost, it has been known as a tea with a taste of high-grade.
The amount of caffeine is  larger than the ordinary tea.
Since the taste tends to be a strong flavor, it is recommended that you put the tea in hot water of about 60 degrees.
Usually, the same leaf can only be used up to three or four times,but Mecha can be used many times until the tea leave open.

How to brew bud tea

I will put 6 grams of tea leaves into a teapot for three people.

Put it in hot water of 70 to 90 degree.


After waiting for about 40 seconds, pour into the glass so that the density becomes even.

You can make tea any number of times until the tea leaves are opened.


If you can not drink with one tea time, let’s save it in the refrigerator and drink it within one day

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How to choise Me cha

Large grain of Me cha is tend to be a little bland.
You should choise little grain of Me cha.

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