This introduction will elaborate on the uniqueness and qualities of a great Japanese green tea. Hojicha is a Japanese green tea. It is not the same as other Japanese green teas since it is cooked in an enamel pot over charcoal, where most Japanese teas are warmed. The tea is given up at a high temperature, changing the leaf shading colour from green to rosy cocoa. The technique was first performed in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920s and its popularity is still applicable today. Hojicha Tea has a smooth and sweet taste that goes with sweet sustenances. It is a simmered assortment of green tea. It is best served on early fall weather when the green scene starts to advance. It is made by cooking bancha, sencha and also Gyokuro tea leaves and stems. Despite its brown colour, it is undoubtedly green tea since it is not fermented. Hojicha is a component of daily menu.


This tea appeared in the mid-1920s in the area of Kyoto. Japanese tea merchants endeavored to make the best of every stem and leaf of tea and began simmering the remains. The times were ruthless, and this method gave them a way to receive more wages. This cooking technique delivered another assortment of tea referred to today as hojicha simmered tea. It has an enticing fragrance with an extreme scent and an intense flavor. The nutty and natural flavor is regularly contrasted with espresso and has earned its rightful position at the breakfast table of countless numbers of people.
Today numerous manufacturers utilize turning drums to cook the green tea leaves. The procedure decaffeinates the tea, and the subsequent hojicha tea is a low caffeine green tea.
Cultivation methods/features
Hojicha (in like manner spelled as houjicha) is grown from the sun-grown Japanese green tea known as bancha, which is generally assembled from the tea plant later in the season, after the first and second flushes of tea. (It can similarly be delivered utilizing previous sencha leaves and could fuse a few amounts of stems and twigs.)

Health benefits

The astringency of hojicha is demonstrated to have hostile to maturing impacts. It helps your body to contract muscles and tone skin. Being a green tea assortment, hojicha is loaded with cancer prevention agents that can be useful for your wellbeing. It can enhance your immune system, and it is good when you have a cold. Likewise, in the same way as other green tea assortments, it has a beneficial impact in cardiovascular ailments and insures your body against carcinogenic tumors.
Also, it is helpful when you are considering weight loss. It can help you get fit and lose pounds. It has impacts in lessening cholesterol levels. Hojicha is ideal for children, the adults, and the sick. With an aromatic scent and refreshing taste, hojicha is recommended for drinking after a fatty meal.

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