What’s kukicha?

Kukicha is collected tea part of the stem in the sorting process.
‘Kuki’ means stems in English .
Kukicha which made from expensive tea such as Gyokuro is called ‘Karigane’
Kukicha has rich flavor and taste because tea stems contain amino acids in a large amount,
Besides, theanine is included 2 times and pyrazine of fragrance ingredients is included 1.5 times as much as ordinary green tea includes.
Catechin that is an astringent component is synthesized from theanine by photosynthesis.
Since the portion of the stem is not so much photosynthesis, kukicha is easy to drink less rough tastes.

Because it is not well known even in Japan, the price is reasonable, but stems tea has a lot of good parts than ordinary tea.
This tea is known to those in the know.

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