The great green tea effect

Japanese green tea is effective in cancer prevention.
It’s not just that .Effect of catechin is a variety of things such as maintains good digestion.
My friend has not become constipation since she make a habit of having Japanese green tea every day.

The effect of drinking green tea

Progressed westernization of food in Japan, young people who become upset stomach, reflux esophagitis and stomach is so many.
Japanese tea has helped to eliminate them.
Catechin that is contained in green tea has the effect of removal of Reactive Oxygen Species that become a cancer.
Therefore, the percentage of people who get cancer in the tea producing area has been demonstrated to overwhelmingly low.
It is important to continue to take just one cup of tea every day, than to drink a large amount at one time.
If you make a habit of having tea, you get the health in the long span.

How do we have tea?

In order to warm the body, it is recommended to drink warm tea.
Tea that you make from tea leaves contains more catechin and good components than the PET bottle tea.
Fortunately, you can to purchase Japanese tea in the Internet shop.
Let’s start habit of drinking green tea!!

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