What is the bactericidal action of catechin in Japanese tea?

Tea catechin is one of the polyphenol. It is classified as a type of flavonoid.
Since the catechin has a strong bactericidal action, it is effective in such a variety of disease prevention.
Catechin has the effect of sterilizing the pathogen (for example, Haemophilus influenzae, Salmonella, Helicobacter pylori, O157)
Surprisingly, catechin has an effect of preventing tooth decay fungus.
It kills the breeding of tooth decay bacteria, and prevent the formation of plaque.
Besides, the anti-cancer effect, diet effect, anti-allergy, deodorant action, lipid metabolism improvement, improvement effect of Alzheimer’s have been reported. (In Japan, there is a deodorant of catechin)
It has been said since many years ago in that “If you drink green tea, you have no need of medicine”.
It has been known as a good drink to health in Japan.

Gargling with the tea

To gargle with tea is the prevention of colds.
In particular, it is a work great effect on the virus to air infection.
The tea which is made strong taste is extracted much Catechin that is tasted bitter.
It is not suitable to drink, but it is better for gargling.
You should make the tea to gargle with more 80 degree water because Catetin is extracted much in more than 80 degree.
The tea that is shutted sunlight has less Catechin because it is synthesized from theanine by photosynthesis.
And, you should use Sentya not gyouro or kabusetya

Be careful of ‘Overnight tea’

Tea has a strong bactericidal action, but it is dangerous to leave the tea that was once brewed as it is.
There is a Japanese legend saying “tea that we put overnight is poisonous so do not drink it.”
Because once it is put in, catechin will dissolve out and the bactericidal action will be weakened, because proteins and fiber ingredients originally contained in tea cause spoilage.
Catechin is stable in the dry state, but if it contains moisture, oxidation will proceed.
This oxidized catechin also causes the stomach to break down.
Therefore, let’s drink within half a day if you brew once.
In the case of tea which can be re-inserted several times like bud tea, it should be kept refrigerated and drunk by the next day.


In this way, tea catechin has various effects.
Follow the above points properly and let’s drink it properly.

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