Why did we start to drink tea?

Currently in Japan, tea has been drunk like every day since it was transmitted from China around the 8th century.
Recent studies have revealed that tea has various effects such as Alzheimer prevention and anti – cancer action.
Tea is not only a popular health food but also a historical drink.
It is known that the origin of all tea such as black tea, Japanese tea and oolong tea is in China.
It is said that the history is about 2000 to 3000 BC.
Why did ancient people begin to drink tea?
The reason for drinking tea, it is for detoxification.
When I started drinking tea, it was mainly used as a medicine.
It is known that tannins contained in tea are detoxified by being associated with alkaloid type toxins contained in poisonous grass.
Also, tea catechin has strong bactericidal action, vitamin C and minerals are abundant, so you can strengthen your immunity against cold.
Tea gradually develops from the use as medicine to the culture of tea ceremony.
A famous Japanese priest, Eisai, wrote that “tea is a prescription for curing” in the book “Tea Care Records” (published in 1212).
It has long been known that tea has various effects.

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