Japanese ‘Wa’ feels like tea and autumn

The season is now autumn in Japan.
What is ‘Wa’ that you feel during the autumn season?
When enjoying autumn in Japan, there are various kinds such as moon view, matsutake and so on.
The autumn leaves are the best time to see now.
Autumn leaves can be seen anywhere in Japan.
Leaves of various trees such as red maple and yellow ginkgo are very beautiful.


Tea is currently in the “autumn picked tea” season.
Tea begin with the ‘Shin cha'(new tea) in April, followed by second-tea and third-tea,.
The tea buds the last season from September to October, and the one picking the sprout that came out at that time is “autumn picking tea”.
Compared to ‘Shin cha’ is fragrant, taste and bitterness are deep, autumn tea is characterized by mellow taste and fragrance.
Because the harvest volume is small, the rarity value is also high.
It is said that Ieyasu Tokugawa of the Edo Shogun loved to drink it.


Autumn tea leaves are hard.
When it is brewed with hot water, astringency often goes out, it becomes tea suitable for drinking after eating.

Drinking autumn tea while watching the autumn leaves is a good combination to enjoy Japanese harmony.
In Kyoto, you can drink tea while enjoying autumn leaves at Kiyomizudera etc.
Tea drinking while feeling autumn is special.


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